August 15, 2011

Cool Collector # Food Files

The way food looks and the way it tastes are two entirely different things when you look at these images. To seperate taste and looks of food in a extreme way seems to be a trend amongst food stylists right now.The sweets on these pictures look like sweets made out of meat, but there’s no meat in it at all! Really love the visual effect of it, though it are cakes and ice creams, I don’t really feel like eating them! It looks like something that evil Vampire Russel from true blood would serve. The sweets are photographed by German artist and photographer Jasmin Schuller.

Cool Collector # Gadget Files

Addicted to your smartphone? This gadget may come in handy to cover your addiction! The i'm Watch is the next smart gadget that synchronizes with your smartphone.  Browse through your social network, music and other apps while it looks your just watching (and toutching) your watch. Available in some pretty nice colors and materials. The shipping starts at the end of November, but you can pre-order the watch here.