September 23, 2011

Dear followers,

I have been a litlle absent last weeks. But with good reasons! I am proud to announce my new website/blog:

A brand new site with more info, more bloggers and more inspiration! Better navigation and much more insights in the world of cool! 

I'd like to thank all the visitors that enjoyed this blog and hope you will enjoy the new blog as much as I do!

I would like to welcome you here!

August 15, 2011

Cool Collector # Food Files

The way food looks and the way it tastes are two entirely different things when you look at these images. To seperate taste and looks of food in a extreme way seems to be a trend amongst food stylists right now.The sweets on these pictures look like sweets made out of meat, but there’s no meat in it at all! Really love the visual effect of it, though it are cakes and ice creams, I don’t really feel like eating them! It looks like something that evil Vampire Russel from true blood would serve. The sweets are photographed by German artist and photographer Jasmin Schuller.

Cool Collector # Gadget Files

Addicted to your smartphone? This gadget may come in handy to cover your addiction! The i'm Watch is the next smart gadget that synchronizes with your smartphone.  Browse through your social network, music and other apps while it looks your just watching (and toutching) your watch. Available in some pretty nice colors and materials. The shipping starts at the end of November, but you can pre-order the watch here.

July 14, 2011

Dear readers,

The last posts where the last for the coming two or three weeks. I'm going out for a holiday, but with some exciting news: There's a new website coming! With more news, new bloggers, better design and better navigation! We hope to launch the new site before september! For now, have a great summer and we will be back on august the 8th!

Cool Collector # Editorial Files

The debut issue of VIRGINE Magazine is now out, featuring this ‘All You Can Get’ editorial by Ryan Yoon. Styling by Hissa Igarash. Really love it! Less is just not more!

Cool Collector # Technology Files

How cool is this! A hidden code in your tattoo, scan the code and your tattoo transforms into a animated figure! Pretty amazing!

QR codes have been starting to pop up everywhere, including as art objects and as serialized literature. So it’s only makes sense that someone would take it a step further and actually get one of them tattooed on their body. Paris tattoo artist K.A.R.L. has purportedly tattooed the very first QR Code onto a person that when scanned, produces an animated version of it on YouTube. It features a singing, floating head appearing out of the flower design of the tattoo.

The entire process was live streamed on Facebook via Ballantine whiskey’s “Leave the Impression” campaign. People were not only able to watch the tattooing in real time but were also able to share thoughts and interact with the artist in what he called the “Human API”.

Now some know-it-all criticized this article on psfk because he says this code isn't a QR code but a EZ code, so in case you thought the same... don't bother.... I already know!

Cool Collector # Technology Files

This is the worlds first video coat worn by Inventor David Forbes. A gadget/clothing item that allows him to display videos right on his body. On this inventor it still looks a bit like a invention by a pretty geeky professor. It's a little too complex to actually wear but it's a start towards the future! The Video Coat is a color TV set built into a lab coat. It is a 160x120 pixel color LED display, built on flex boards. This television set displays regular NTSC video. He designed and built it for Burning Man. Click here for David Forbes explanation about the technique and all other geeky stuff that's just too boring to explain for me!

Cool Collector # Art Files

Riot's seem to be everywhere lately when you watch the news. Not the most fun events, but they are pretty inspiring! James Cauty also has a big fascinatation for Riots and Protests, his series A Riot inJam Jar proves that! The series contain a big amount of jars with miniature riots. Which riots it are isn't really clear to me, but it really triggers your imagenation. After finishing this small scaled riot world Cauty makes pretty movies from the jar which remind you of a carousel. Pretty impressive! It rejects on the actuality and contributes to the small-scaled-trend. Check out his work here!